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im not sorry


Sweet baby Viking * jaw drop*

Best scene in the final ever

New Blood


In honor of Sir Richard Attenborough, here’s his one (and only) appearance in a Dorkly comic.


I’m confused










Is that the weather report?


Everyone knows we get lesbians every goddamn year, and yet every time they arrive people act all shocked. “I’m not ready for lesbians yet! I haven’t put lesbian tyres on my car!” Lady, it happens every year. You were warned beforehand. It’s your own damn fault if you end up in an accident because you weren’t prepared for lesbians.

seriously. so tired of being late for school just because the subway can’t handle lesbians. it’s norway! what do they expect

On the bright side, learning institutions will close in their droves as nations shut down due to the overwhelming presence of lesbians.

:sigh: But you have to make up lesbian days at the end of the school year…

I’ve been waiting for lesbians ever since the weather turned cold. I was promised 5cm of lesbians and DID I GET ANY? NO I DID NOT. Oh sure, there are lesbians up on the hills, but where’s my gorgeous carpet of lesbians, huh?

Jesus fucking… it’s not even Halloween yet, and you lot are already going on about lesbians? SERIOUSLY? I mean, for fuck’s sake- it’s august. We’re still all bisexual and highs in the upper 70s, and you want to bring in the lesbians? Typical. 

Prepare yourselves. Lesbians are coming.